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Department 42 The Mystery Of The Nine Crack [NEW]


Department 42 The Mystery of the Nine Crack

Category:CrackCory Doctorow’s new book, Our Final Invention, was published today. The cover was designed by artist Elizabeth Okie-Okie (names and illustration via Cory Doctorow). Cory discusses the book at the Guardian’s ‘Books That Matter’ blog. You can also check out the book’s website at Despite all the hype about another big scientific discovery, another new space mission, another earthquake, another celebrity deaths, it may be that the world is finally at a point where we can start to seriously address some of the most pressing issues of our time. What’s more, a bunch of people are already working on it, building on the work of the present pioneers in the area of autonomous machine ethics. And once we start to integrate these technologies with the existing infrastructure of our global civilization, the world will never be the same again. I was just talking about these ideas to one of my oldest friends, a young child-free Irish woman who works in NGO monitoring. We have both been involved with the emerging field of responsible technology, and we were agreeing on how we felt it was finally beginning to break out of the prison of intellectualism into more general communities of practice. The recent spike of interest in this area is due in large part to a landmark book written by a physicist named Nick Bostrom, titled Superintelligence. It’s already a classic in the field of the rise of intelligent machines, but it’s also extremely accessible, and very well written. Bostrom even draws a link between the work he does and a little bit of techno-romanticism that’s emerged recently in the worlds of Bitcoin and The Matrix, where he sees the development of powerful artificial intelligence as the inevitable development of human civilization. It’s a slightly sombre tale, but it is ultimately a hopeful one. I still believe that the development of powerful autonomous machines will be an important force for good in our world. But I’ve also started to wonder if it might just take on a force of its own. And to me, one of the most interesting features of our culture today is that it seems to be partaking in a kind of mass extinction event. We are reaching the point where our societal structures, our technological infrastructure, and the biology of all our species are all colliding together. What’s more, there’

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Department 42 The Mystery Of The Nine Crack [NEW]

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